English 8 Op-Ed Unit

Instruction and Docs


Evaluating Reliability

Purpose--Why was the piece written? Who is the intended audience?  Is it for persuasion, entertainment, information, etc?  Are two sides of the argument presented?  
Author–Who is the author?  What is his/her authority?  Might he/she have a bias?
Publisher–Who is the publisher?  What is their business?  Do they have a bias? 
Date–When was the information published?  Has it been updated?  Is it historical? 
Citations–Are there direct quotes?  Are the facts easily verified?  Are there links to additional verifiable information? 

Always compare multiple sources concerning a single issue for accuracy and bias. 

Research Process

1. Observe Society/Nature–Look for something that is not easily
explained or is strange.
2. Develop a Testable Question–Develop a
research questions with multiple, complex answers.
3. Pose a Hypothesis–Develop a thesis statement that answers your
question (this will be revised).
4. Conduct an Experiment–Find evidence to prove or disprove
your thesis.
5. Analyze Your Data to Draw Conclusions–What is the most
compelling and trustworthy evidence you found and what does
it tell you? How does it prove or disprove your thesis?
6. Organize and Share Your Findings–Share what you have
learned in a paper, presentation, or other format.