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8th Gd Mickelberry ELA Pathfinder and Questions 
Fansher/Taylor Pathfinder

7th Grade Biography/Resilience Pathfinder
        7th Grade Biography/Resilience Presentation
8th Grade Op-Ed Resources

Opposing Viewpoints In Context is the best database for modern issues of debate that collects related links to outside sources. Opposing Viewpoints provides a brief explanation of the issues and provides links to news articles, videos, opinion pieces, academic journals, etc. This database collects the best that is out there on any given topic. Argumentative

SIRS search is also a debate styled database. It also is the most likely one to find full-text articles from Upfront Magazine. Argumentative

InfoTrac Junior Edition InfoTrac built for middle school students.

InfoTrac Student Edition—This database will provide specific, high quality articles concerning current events throughout the world. It also includes the visual Topic Finder to help narrow topics.

Pro/ is a free website built for debate and argumentative essays.


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