The MakerSpace

What is it?  More  like, What isn’t it?
The idea behind the MakerSpace is this, put a bunch of cool stuff in a room and see what people can create.  We have both low tech items–Duck Tape, scissors, glue, construction paper– and high tech items–iPads, Flip cameras, MacBook Pro, Little Bits, Spheros, and more.  So what can you do?  Would you like to produce a song using Garage Band or a movie using iMovie?  Would you like to using AutoCad to design something for the 3D printer?  Would you like to learn how to build an app  or game?  Would you like to make your classroom presentation look and sound awesome?  The MakerSpace is your place.  We will be open every day in the library during school hours.  We will also be open from 7:00am – 7:40am every Thursday and Friday beginning October 2 for extended projects.

Join our Google Classroom to find out more and get started in the Maker Group community.  Go to and add class #d94mv8.   More