2018-19 Gateways

When you read at least three of the 18/19 Gateways and pass the easy 10 question quiz (8/10 or higher), we’ll invite you to our pizza party in March, 2019 to vote for the statewide winner!

If you read all 15 books and pass the quizzes, you’ll earn the distinctive 18/19 Gateway Readers patch for your letterjacket.

Quizzes for the 18/19 books will be available in the book club section for Schoology soon. LSN students may join the section with code WQGT87KTNT


Read them all, earn the patch!

Pick next year's Gateway books!

Help us choose the 19/20 Gateway novels!

If you are a heavy reader, this might be for you. In August 2018, we’ll get a list of 25 preliminary Gateway titles.  Gateway selectors have to read all 25 books in their entirety by late November (that’s just over 2 books per week). 

Your votes will help decide which books become Gateway nominees for the entire state!

As an incentive for completing this difficult task, you’ll get:

*A catered lunch in December 2018, provided by the LMC

*A 19/20 Gateway Readers patch for your letterjacket

*A special edition varsity reading letter*

If you’re interested, email Mr. Russell or Mr. Miller in the library to get on our list of participants. We’ll meet as soon as school starts, and pass out books as soon as we have the list! (michael.russell@lsr7.net, nathan.miller@lsr7.net)

*To qualify for the special edition varsity letter, students must also write a minimum of 5 multiple choice questions for each of the 25 titles in a Google Doc and share that with the librarians.

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