The story of Betsy

Buckle Up Betsy was part of the Kansas City Cows on Parade in summer 2001. The artistic installation featured approximately 260 life-size cows artistically rendered and on display around Kansas City. Buckle Up Betsy was on display at Union Station near downtown Kansas City and was created by LSNHS art teacher Jeanette Parsons. All of the cows were auctioned off for charity in October, 2001. Many were auctioned by Sotheby’s at Starlight Theater on October 5, 2001; Betsy was part of an internet auction on Amazon starting the same day. ┬áBetsy was originally sponsored by three Lee’s Summit area businesses: Carl Chinnery and Associates Law Office, Ray Adams Toyota, and Twin Lakes Insurance agent Mike Smith. ┬áThe winner of the internet auction donated Buckle Up Betsy back to Lee’s Summit North. For several years Betsy resided in the commons, but after threat of being turned into either a sophomore’s new car or steak at lunch Betsy moved to the safer pastures of the Library Media Center, where she gazes (or grazes) out on one of the best views in Lee’s Summit.

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