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Book Club will now meet in the Library Think Tank during Bronco Time.
February 21 - Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner
March 13 - Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor
April 10 - Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland
May 8 - Year End Party


AutoDraw: You draw something with your mouse, it gives you a cleaner, better version or other options.

Awesome Screen Shot: Extension for easily taking screen shots of the whole or only a portion of your screen.

Bitable: Online video editor. Easy, but freemium.

Canva: Create posters and graphics quickly and easily. See Adobe Sparkfor a similar but more professional (and free) app.

KeepVid: Download and embed YouTube videos for presentations. Freemium.

Music Theory: Create and publish your own music. Free and premium options.

Noteflight: Create sheet music from your original musical compositions.

PikToChart: create nice graphics, charts, and pictograms. Freemium. See also Venngage.

Photos: Beautiful, professional images for use in presentations, movies, etc. No-cost, copyright free, royalty free.  Pexels  or Pixabay

ScreenCastify: Video recording tool for creating screencasts. The program records everything on your screen, or the part you want it to capture, while you do the voice over. Great for flipped classroom use! You can also make highlights and draw on the video.

ScreenCast-O-Matic: Video capture tool for recording screencasts, includes option to show you in a picture-in-picture box in the lower right corner.

ThingLink: Chrome Web extension that allows students to easily create interactive image and video content.

TypeWolf: Easily pick quality fonts for presentations, graphics, etc.

Venngage: Charts, graphics, pictograms. See also PikToChart. Take notes as you watch a video, posts to Google Drive. Records video from the Web Camera and saves to your Google Drive folder

WeVideo: As easy as iMovie, but online. 5 minutes of free edited video a month. This is exactly what it sounds like. Picture a community Google Doc that’s fully interactive and shareable, but instead of a Doc it’s a whiteboard. It’s that easy. Passwords / emails optional.

YooDownload: Download videos or audio files from the Web for use in student projects. Be sure to close all pop-ups right away by X-ing out of  tab that opens.



BeeLine Reader: Creates a gradient overlay that enhances reading ability for readers at any level. Once you’ve tried this, it’s hard to go back to the old way of reading black type on a white background.

Evolution of the Web: See a timeline of how technology has evolved over the past couple of decades.

Google Arts & Culture: Lose yourself in this immersive exploration of arts & culture.

Google student programs: Educational opportunities across the Google Universe.

Phet: Interactive simulations, specifically for Math & Science.
Solve for X: Self-described as a “Moonshot Factory,” X is a place to find inspiration from dreamers, inventors, and engineers. Or to become one.

Sublingual: Learn French while you browse the Web! This extension translates text you hover over into French.


Publish your book trailers on the LMC Read Page! Send us as many book trailers or book talks as you'd like, and we'll add them to the appropriate categories on our YouTube channel for the world to see.


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