What are the library's hours?

6:45 AM to 3 PM M-F, except on early release days, when we close at noon.

How do I print to the cloud?

From your chromebook, hit CTRL + P on the page you want to print. 
In the dialogue box that opens, be sure the destination is R7 Cloud-03. If it isn't, hit CHANGE and select R7 Cloud-03.
Come to the Konica copier in the LMC. Instructions are posted near the printer (or read on).
If someone else is logged in, hit ACCESS to clear the previous user.
Login using your Student ID (Lunch) #. No password is required. On the menu, select APP, then FOLLOW YOU PRINTING. Hit SELECT ALL. When the light around the START button turns from yellow to blue, press the START button.  Before you leave, hit ACCESS to allow the next person to log in.

How can I read the library's eBooks on my device?

The North LMC has two different eBook libraries you can use to access free books. Both have apps available.

*Overdrive is primarily current novels (fiction) and works with most devices, including Kindle. Search for the Overdrive App and add it to your device, including your chromebook. Within the app, search for libraries by Zip code (ours is 64086) or name (Lee's Summit R-7). Your library card number is your student ID # (or staff ID#), your PIN is the same as your computer login at school (except for staff, where the password is capitalized first and last initials + last four of your social).  

*Follett Shelf is primarily non-fiction for research or general reading.  Follett does not have an app available that works with chromebooks, but you can access and use the eBooks through the LMC's Website. From any LMC Website page, hover over BOOKS and select Card Catalogue. On the top right of the page that opens, select LOGIN. The student username and login are the same as your computer passwords at school. Then look to the left side of the screen for a "Follet Shelf" icon. Click that, and you'll be into Follett's universal search tool, which includes all the print books in the LMC as well as the non-fiction eBook library.  Within these eBooks you can check out books, make notes, highlight passages, and create works cited references.

Why do I need a pass and have to sign in?

A pass from a teacher shows us you have work to do while in the LMC. Library staff members can't write you a pass back to the library because of professional courtesy to our teaching staff-- only a teacher can agree to let you out of his or her class to come to the library. 
You need to sign in so that the teacher whose class you left can see that you made it, and also so we can account for your whereabouts in case of an emergency.

Do I need to sign out of the library?

Only if you leave before the end of the class.

How do I get a book that's at another school?

Just ask a library staff member. We'll have the book delivered to you here at North. It only takes a couple days to arrive, and you can have it for 30 days. You can also return it to North and we'll get it back to the school it came from.

Can I use the databases at home?

Yes, but you'll need passwords to get in. Find those passwords on our 'Web passport' located on the research page. You'll need one password to get access to all the others, but you already know what that is. If you don't, ask a librarian, teacher, classmate, or the mascot.

Do you have a copier in the LMC?

Yes. Log into the Konica in the library the same way you would for cloud printing (Student ID # only, no password). Select copy. Ask any library staff member for additional assistance. 

Can I print or copy in color?

Yes you can!

To print, send your document to the R-7 cloud as described above, but in the print settings make sure you select "Color."  You must then log into the color printer, which is located on the east side of the column, nearest to Ms. Rockwell's desk.  Your document should be in color.

To make a color copy, again, you must use the copier on the east side of the column, nearest to Ms. Rockwell's desk.  Place the document you want to copy on the machine, log in using your lunch number and select "Copy."  In the lower right corner of the touchscreen is a button that says "Black."  Press it until it says "Color" and then press the blue copy button.

Where do I get information on the research scholarship?

On the LMC Website events tab. Once applications become available, there will be multiple announcements on other parts of the LMC Website.

How can I be a library assistant?

You have to apply to be a library assistant. Sophomores through seniors can work as library assistants, but you have to have good grades, great attendance, and spectacular teacher recommendations to be chosen. Applications are available at the circulation desk each January and early February. Being a library assistant is a class that earns you one elective credit toward graduation for the year.

We also have two SBE (Supervised Business Experience) student workers in the LMC who are paid to work several hours a day in addition to earning class credit. These senior students apply through the business classes their junior year and must go through job interviews to work in the LMC.  Talk to Ms. Norton in the business hallway about the SBE application process.

Why doesn't the LMC open earlier / close later?

Without additional personnel, this is the longest we can stay open. The district has cut LMC staff hours by 30% in recent years and we're open as long as we can with the personnel we have. Fortunately, our digital resources like eBooks and databases are available to you 24/7 by using home access passwords.

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