Harry Potter


Harry Potter family literacy night

in the Lee’s Summit North Library 

This is a free family event for LSR7 students, staff, and their families

Get free tickets at your school library, or:

As long as you know your name or student ID number we can look you up in the library database when you enter the LSNHS LMC.  This is a free book-based event for LSR7 students, staff, and their families.



Doors open at 5PM

5 – 6 PM Family Fun Activities

5 – 7:30 “The Trolley” concession stand open (planned menu below)

6 – 8:30 Sorcerer’s Stone on the giant movie screen in the LMC


Check below for the snacks we plan to have available for sale "Off the trolley" at the event.
Check below for the snacks we plan to have available for sale “Off the trolley” at the event.

There are no more Harry Potter lit nights planned at the moment. We’ll post updates here if we do more next year!

Doors open at 5 PM

In the Lee’s Summit North High School Library at 901 NE Douglas, Lee’s Summit, 64086

Please park in the North parking lot between LSN and Schlotzky’s deli. Enter (and exit) through the main office doors, then follow the signs upstairs to the library.

Family Activities 5-6 PM

All activities are FREE of charge except for additional button making after the first (see note below).

Green Screen GIFs: Create a cloak of invisibility GIF in front of the green screen! We’ll send the video to your device (parent or student phone) from our school iPad immediately after you create it. Use the GIF videos in all your social media!

Button Maker: Choose your favorite character or house and make your very own 1″ button to put on your backpack, wear on your shirt, etc.  Additional buttons after the first are 2 for $1 to help cover the cost of materials with the button making machine.

Famous Witch & Wizard Trading Cards: We’ll give you a ‘pack’ of random trading cards when you enter, and you can pick up more at various activities or when you visit the concession stand. Not all of the wizards and witches are good, but they’re all famous for something!

Chocolate Frog Boxes: Cut out the design and piece together your own chocolate frog box!

 Mid-Continent Public Library: Make your own magic wand with our good friends from MCPL!

See Harry Potter books from around the world: We’ll have titles from our library and Mr. Russell’s private library with different versions of Harry Potter published in France, England, Japan, Germany, Spain, and even Russia, plus a tour book from the set where they filmed the Harry Potter movies.


We won’t keep you out for dressing like a muggle, but most witches and wizards who attend prefer to wear their Hogwarts house colors, school robes, or other merchandise that allows them to proudly proclaim their allegiance to the wizarding world. 

Pillows, blankets, and pets:

We have comfortable seating available, but there is also space to spread out a blanket and get comfy with your own pillows.

We also welcome all owls, toads, cats, rats, etc., so long as they are of the stuffed, plastic, or inanimate variety.


Anything Off The Trolley, Dears?

Our “trolley” concession stand will be open from 5 PM – 7:30 PM.

Items are $1 – $2 each, or combos with popcorn, drink, and 1 candy are $5. Proceeds from concessions go to LMC activities, such as book club trips where we read to kindergartners, meet YA authors, and more.

Our planned menu includes:

Weasley’s Dragon Roasted Popcorn (roasted on site for freshness)

Every Flavour Beans

Cauldron Cakes in house colours

Chocolate frogs, Fizzing Wizzbees, and wizarding shaped chocolates

boxed candy

Drinks (water and Coke products: Fanta orange, grape, & strawberry, Sprite, or diet coke)

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