Food Friday

Food Friday is a professional development opportunity for SLMS staff.  During Food Friday presentations, staff are invited to enjoy a luncheon in the Library Media Center and listen to the librarian give a presentation on a topic covering literacy, research, and/or technology.

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September 29, 2017

NoodleTools is an online research tool that allows users to manage all aspects of the research process including source evaluation and citation, note taking, outlining, and drafting a paper.  Teachers are able to monitor and comment on the progress of students via the online portal.

Food Friday

December 1, 2017
Library Resources to Support Station Work

This Food Friday featured a variety of library resources available to support station work: the Collab Lab, Build to Express sets, Google VR, iPads, Q-Ball, Breakout Boxes, infographics, magnifying glasses, picture books, etc.  Mentimeter was featured to poll staff and collect formative feedback.

Food Friday
Food Friday

February 2, 2018
Everyone Fiction: Growth Mindset, Grit & Perseverance, and Social & Emotional Growth

This SMORE features picture books added to the Everyone Fiction collection to support units covering growth mindset, grit & perseverance, and social & emotional growth.

March 29, 2018

To Be Announced

May 11, 2018
Summer Reading Program & 2018-19 Truman Readers Award

Each summer all staff and students are invited to participate in the Summer Reading Program challenge to read 1500 pages or more.  To kick off the 2018 summer reading program, the 2018-2019 Truman Readers Award nominee books were featured to staff.