Novels in Verse

Teaching Resources

Author Title
Alexander, Kwame The Crossover
Bingham, Kelly Formerly Shark Girl
Bingham, Kelly Shark Girl
Brown, Paul Wolf Pack of the Winisk River
Brown, Susan Taylor Hugging the Rock
Bryant, Jen Kaleidoscope Eyes
Bryant, Jen Pieces of Georgia
Bryant, Jen Ringside, 1925: Views from the Scopes Trial
Bryant, Jen The Trial
Burg, Ann E. All the Broken Pieces: A Novel in Verse
Burg, Ann E. Serafina’s Promise
Calhoun, Dia Eva of the Farm
Carvell, Marlene Sweetgrass Basket
Carvell, Marlene Who Will Tell My Brother?
Chaltas, Thalia Displacement
Creech, Sharon Heartbeat
Crossan, Sarah The Weight of Water
Crowder, Melanie Audacity
Darrow, Sharon Trash
Engle, Margarita The Firefly Letters : A Suffragette’s Journey to Cuba
Engle, Margarita Hurricane Dancers : The First Caribbean Pirate Shipwreck
Engle, Margarita The Lightning Dreamer : Cuba’s Greatest Abolitionist
Engle, Margarita The Poet Slave of Cuba : A Biography of Juan Francisco Manzano
Engle, Margarita Silver People : Voices from the Panama Canal
Engle, Margarita The Surrender Tree : Poems of Cuba’s Struggle for Freedom
Engle, Margarita Tropical Secrets : Holocaust Refugees in Cuba
Engle, Margarita The Wild Book
Fehler, Gener Beanball
Fields, Terri After the Death of Anna Gonzales
Frost, Helen Crossing Stones
Frost, Helen Hidden
Frost, Helen Salt: A Story of Friendship in a Time of War
Glenn, Mel Jump Ball: A Basketball Season in Poems
Grimes, Nikki Dark Sons
Grimes, Nikki A Girl Named Mister
Grimes, Nikki Planet Middle School
Hemphill, Stephanie Hideous Love: The Story of the Girl Who Wrote Frankenstein
Hemphill, Stephanie Sisters of Glass
Hemphill, Stephanie Wicked Girls: A Novel of the Salem Witch Trials
Herrick, Steven By the River
Herrick, Steven The Wolf
Hesse, Karen Aleutian Sparrow
Hesse, Karen Out of the Dust
Hesse, Karen Witness
Howe, James Addie on the Inside
Janeczko, Paul Worlds Afire
Kearney, Meg The Girl in the Mirror
Kearney, Meg The Secret of Me
Koertge, Ronald Shakespeare Bats Cleanup
Koertge, Ronald Shakespeare Makes the Playoffs
LeZotte, Ann Clare T4: A Novel in Verse
Macdonald, Maryann Odette’s Secrets
MacLean, Jill Nix Minus One
Mass, Wendy Heaven Looks a Lot Like a Mall
McCall, Guadalupe Garcia Under the Mesquite
McVoy, Terra Elan After the Kiss
Myers, Walter Dean Street Love
Nagai, Mariko Dust of Eden
Ostlere, Cathy Karma
Richards, Jame Three Rivers Rising: A Novel of the Johnstown Flood
Rose, Caroline Starr May B
Roth, Judith Serendipity & Me
Sandell, Lisa Ann Song of the Sparrow
Schroeder, Lisa Chasing Brooklyn
Schroeder, Lisa The Day Before
Schroeder, Lisa Far from You
Schroeder, Lisa I Heart You, You Haunt Me
Sones, Sonya One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies
Sones, Sonya Stop Pretending
Sones, Sonya What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know
Sones, Sonya What My Mother Doesn’t Know
Thompson, Holly The Language Inside
Thompson, Holly Orchards
Van Cleave, Ryan G. Unlocked
Venkatraman, Padma A Time to Dance
Ward, Stasia Audition
Weatherford, Carole Boston Becoming Billie Holiday
Weston, Robert Paul Zorgamazoo
Williams, Carol Lynch Waiting
Wolf, Allan The Watch That Ends the Night: Voices from the Titanic
Wolff, Virginia Euwer Make Lemonade (Make Lemonade #1)
Wolff, Virginia Euwer This Full House (Make Lemonade #3)
Wolff, Virginia Euwer True Believer (Make Lemonade #2)
Woodson, Jacqueline Brown Girl Dreaming
Zimmer, Tracie Vaughn 42 Miles
Zimmer, Tracie Vaughn Reaching for Sun