Series, Sequels, & Such

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series with multiple authors |

Falls, Kat Dark Life |about the author| |trailer Dystopian
•Dark Life
•Rip Tide
Farley, Kristina Gilded |about the series| |trailer Fantasy
Farmer, Nancy Matteo Alacran |about the series| Dystopian
•The House of the Scorpion
•The Lord of Opium
Farmer, Nancy Sea of Trolls |about the series Dystopian
•The Sea of Trolls
•The Land of the Silver Apples
•The Island of the Blessed
Feasey, Steve Changeling |about the author| |trailer| Horror
•Dark Moon
•Blood Wolf
Federle, Tim Better Nate Than Ever |about the author| |author feature video| Humor
•Better Nate Than Ever
•Five, Six, Seven, Nate
Feinstein, John Triple Threat |about the author Sports
•The Walk On
•The Sixth Man
•The DH
Ferguson, Alane Forensic Mystery |author feature video| |author feature video| Mystery
•The Christopher Killer
•The Angel of Death
•The Circle of Blood
•The Dying Breath
Ferraiolo, Jack D. The Big Splash Humor
•The Big Splash
•The Quick Fix
Fforde, Jasper Chronicles of Kazam |about the series| |trailer| |author feature video| Fantasy
•The Last Dragonslayer
•Song of the Quarkbeast
•The Eye of Zoltar
Fine, Sarah The Impostor Queen |about the series Fantasy
•The Impostor Queen
•The Cursed Queen
•The True Queen
Fisher, Catherine Incarceron |about the author| |trailer| |trailer| Fantasy
Fisher, Catherine Obsidian Mirror |about the author Science Fiction
•Obsidian Mirror
•The Slanted Worlds
Flanagan, John Brotherband Chronicles |about the series| |trailer| Adventure
•The Outcasts
•The Invaders
•The Hunters
•Scorpion Mountain
•Slaves of Socorro
•The Ghostfaces
Flanagan, John Ranger’s Apprentice |about the series Fantasy
•The Ruins of Gorlan
•The Burning Bridge
•The Icebound Land
•The Battle for Skandia
•The Sorcerer of the North
•The Siege of Macindaw
•Erak’s Ransom
•The Kings of Clonmel
•Halt’s Peril
•The Emperor of Nihon-Ja
•The Lost Stories
•The Royal Ranger
Fletcher, Charlie Stoneheart Trilogy |about the author Fantasy
Fletcher, Susan Dragon Chronicles |about the author Fantasy
•Dragon’s Milk
•Flight of the Dragon Kyn
•Sign of the Dove
•Ancient, Strange, and Lovely
Flinn, Alex Kendra Chronicles Fantasy
•Beheld (January 2017)
Forman, Mark Adventurers Wanted |about the series Adventure
•Slathbog’s Gold
•The Horn of Moran
•Albrek’s Tomb
•Sands of Nezza
Frankel, Jordana The Ward Dystopian
•The Ward
•The Isle
Freitas, Donna The Wired Dystopian
•The Body Market (March 2017)
Frey, James Endgame Dystopian
•Endgame: The Calling
•Sky Key: An Endgame Novel
Friesner, Esther M. Deception’s Princess  Historical
•Deception’s Princess
•Deception’s Pawn
Friesner, Esther M. Spirit’s Princess Historical
•Spirit’s Princess
•Spirit’s Chosen
Frost, Mark The Paladin Prophecy |about the author| |trailer Adventure
•The Paladin Prophecy
Funke, Cornelia Inkworld |about the author| |trailer| Fantasy
Funke, Cornelia Mirrorworld |about the author| |about the series| Fantasy