Series, Sequels, & Such

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series with multiple authors |

Haddix, Margaret Peterson The Missing |about the series| |trailer| |author feature video| Science Fiction
Haddix, Margaret Peterson Shadow Children |about the series| Dystopian
•Among the Hidden
•Among the Impostors
•Among the Betrayed
•Among the Barons
•Among the Brave
•Among the Enemy
•Among the Free
Hale, Shannon The Books of Bayern (companion novels) Fantasy
•The Goose Girl
•Enna Burning
•River Secrets
•Forest Born
Hale, Shannon Princess Academy Fantasy
•Princess Academy
•Princess Academy: Palace of Stone
Hall, Teri The Line |about the series Dystopian
•The Line
Hardy, Janice Healing Wars |about the series| Fantasy
•The Shifter
•Blue Fire
Harrison, Lisi Alphas |author feature video| Relationships
•Movers and Fakers
•Belle of the Brawl
•Top of the Feud Chain
Harrison, Lisi The Clique  Relationships
•The Clique
•Best Friends for Never
•Revenge of the Wannabes
•Invasion of the Boy Snatchers
•The Pretty Committee Strikes Back
•Dial L for Loser
•It’s Not Easy Being Mean
•Sealed with a Diss
•Bratfest at Tiffany’s
•P.S. I Loathe You
•Boys R Us
•Charmed and Dangerous (prequel)
•These Boots Were Made for Stalking
•My Little Phony
•A Tale of Two Pretties
Harrison, Lisi The Clique – Summer Collection  Relationships
Harrison, Lisi Monster High |author feature video| Relationships
•Monster High
•The Ghoul Next Door
•Where There’s a Wolf, There’s a Way
•Back and Deader Than Ever
Hautman, Pete The Obsidian Blade Science Fiction
•The Obsidian Blade
•The Cydonian Pyramid
•Klaatu Terminus
Hawkins, Rachel Rebel Belle Fantasy
•Rebel Belle
•Miss Mayhem
•Lady Renegades
Henry, April Point Last Seen |about book 1| |about book 2| Mystery
•The Body in the Woods
•Blood Will Tell
Hepler, Heather The Cupcake Queen Relationships
•The Cupcake Queen
•Frosted Kisses
Higgins, F. E. Tales from the Sinister City |author feature video| Horror
•The Black Book of Secrets
•The Bone Magician (paraquel)
•The Eyeball Collector (paraquel)
Higson, Charles The Enemy |about the series| Horror
•The Enemy
•The Dead
•The Fear
•The Sacrifice
•The Fallen
•The Hunted
•The End
Higson, Charles Young Bond |about the series – scroll down|  Adventure
•Blood Fever
•Double or Die
•Hurricane Gold
•By Royal Command
Hocking, Amanda Watersong |about the series Fantasy
Hoffman, Alice Green Angel |about book 1| |about book 2 Fantasy
•Green Angel
•Green Witch
Holyoke, Polly The Neptune Project Science Fiction
•The Neptune Project
•The Neptune Challenge
Horowitz, Anthony Alex Rider |about the series Adventure
•Point Blank
•Skeleton Key
•Eagle Strike
•Ark Angel
•Crocodile Tears
•Scorpia Rising
•Russian Roulette: The Story of an Assassin
Horowitz, Anthony The Power of Five |about the series| |author feature video| Adventure
•Raven’s Gate
•Evil Star
Hunter, Erin Warriors  Fantasy
•Into the Wild
•Fire and Ice
•Forest of Secrets
•Rising Storm
•A Dangerous Path
•The Darkest Hour
Hunter, Erin Warriors: The New Prophecy  Fantasy