Series, Sequels, & Such

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series with multiple authors |

Maas, Sarah Throne of Glass |about the series| |trailer| Fantasy
•Throne of Glass
•Crown of Midnight
•Heir of Fire
•Queen of Shadows
•The Assassin’s Blade (prequel of novellas)
Maberry, Jonathan Rot & Ruin |about the series| |author feature video| Horror
•Rot & Ruin
•Dust & Decay
•Flesh & Bone
•Fire & Ash
•Bits & Pieces
MacHale, D. J. Morpheus Road Trilogy |about the series| |trailer| |author feature video| Horror
•The Light
•The Black
•The Blood
MacHale, D. J. Pendragon |about the series| |author feature video| Science Fiction
•The Merchant of Death
•The Lost City of Faar
•The Never War
•The Reality Bug
•Black Water
•The Rivers of Zadaa
•The Quillan Games
•The Pilgrims of Rayne
•Raven Rise
•The Soldiers of Halla
MacHale, D. J. SYLO Chronicles|about the series| |trailer| |author feature video|
Marsh, Katherine The Night Tourist |about the series| Fantasy
•The Night Tourist
•The Twilight Prisoner
Martin, Jenny Tracked Science Fiction
Mass, Wendy Willow Falls Relationships
•11 Birthdays
•13 Gifts
•The Last Present
Matharu, Taran Summoner Fantasy
•The Novice
•The Inquisition
Mazer, Harry Adam Pelko Historical
•A Boy at War
•A Boy No More
•Heroes Don’t Run
McClymer, Kelly Salem Witch Tryouts Fantasy
•Salem Witch Tryouts
•Competition’s a Witch
•She’s a Witch Girl
McCrite, K. D. Confessions of April Grace |about the series| |trailer Relationships
•In Front of Good and Everybody
•Cliques, Hicks, and Ugly Sticks
•Chocolate-covered Baloney
McDaniel, Lurlene Angels in Pink |about the author| Relationships
•Holly’s Story
•Kathleen’s Story
•Raina’s Story
McKayhan, Monica Indigo Summer  Relationships
•Indigo Summer
•Trouble Follows
•The Pact
•Deal With It
•Step Up
McKenzie, Paige The Haunting of Sunshine Girl Horror
•The Haunting of Sunshine Girl
•The Awakening of Sunshine Girl
McMann, Lisa The Unwanteds |about the series| |trailer| Fantasy
•The Unwanteds
•Island of Silence
•Island of Fire
•Islands of Legends
•Island of Shipwrecks
•Island of Graves
•Island of Dragons
Meadows, Jodi The Orphan Queen Fantasy
•The Orphan Queen
•The Mirror King
Meloy, Maile The Apothecary Adventure
•The Apothecary
•The Apprentices
•The After-Room
Meyer, Carolyn Young Royals Historical
•Mary, Bloody Mary
•Beware, Princess Elizabeth
•Doomed Queen Anne
•Patience, Princess Catherine
•Duchessina: A Novel of Catherine de’ Medici
Meyer, Marissa Lunar Chronicles |about the series| |trailer| |trailer| |trailer| Science Fiction
•Stars Above: A Lunar Chronicle (Companion Novel of Short Stories)
Meyer, Stephenie Twilight Saga |about the series Horror
•New Moon
•The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner (companion novel)
Mikaelsen, Ben Touching Spirit Bear |about book 1| |about book 2| Adventure
•Touching Spirit Bear
•Ghost of Spirit Bear
Miller, Kirsten Kiki Strike |about the series| Mystery
•Inside the Shadow City
•The Empress’s Tomb
•The Darkness Dwellers
Moore, Kelly Amber House  Horror
•Amber House
Morgan, Melissa J. Camp Confidential Relationships
•Natalie’s Secret
•Jenna’s Dilemma
•Grace’s Twist
•Alex’s Challenge
•Second Time’s the Charm
•Wish You Weren’t Here
•Best (Boy) Friend Forever
•Over and Out
•Falling in Like
•Winter Games
•A Fair to Remember
•Hide and Shriek
•Reality Bites
•Golden Girls
•Freaky Tuesday
•And the Winner Is…
•Charmed Forces
•Suddenly Last Summer
•Extra Credit
•Politically Incorrect
•In It to Win It
Moriarty, Jaclyn Colors of Madeleine Fantasy
•A Corner of White
•The Cracks in the Kingdom
•A Tangle of Gold
Morris, Paula Ruined Horror
Morrison, Megan Tyme Fantasy
•Grounded: The Adventures of Rapunzel
•Disenchanted: The Trials of Cinderella
Mull, Brandon Beyonders Fantasy
•A World Without Heroes
•Seeds of Rebellion
•Chasing the Prophecy
Mull, Brandon Fablehaven Fantasy
•Rise of the Evening Star
•Grip of the Shadow Plague
•Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary
•Keys to the Demon Prison
Murray, Victoria Christopher The Divas Relationships