Teen Read Week

It’s Teen Read Week & this year’s theme is Unleash Your Story. Unleash your reading potential by devoting extra time to reading and participating in activities designed to celebrate stories ranging from childhood through your teen years. Don’t forget to log books into the reading log in your planner.

Stop by the library all week to participate in the candy jar guess!

⇒ Monday: Unleash Your Favorite Childhood Story
As children many of us had favorite childhood stories. In honor of these childhood stories, unleash your inner child by coming to school comfy (wear sweats or pajamas) and if possible bringing your favorite childhood story with you to FLIGHT.

⇒ Tuesday: Unleash Your Team Spirit
Work as a team with your FLIGHT group to match titles of books with plots demonstrating teamwork. Wear a t-shirt, jersey, or the colors of your favorite SLMS Falcon, college, or professional team; unleash your team’s story by checking out or recommending a book about your team.

⇒ Wednesday: Unleash Your Super Powers
Unleash your super powers (mind reading, lifting heavy objects, asking 5 billion questions) and solve which teacher matches up to each fictitious character. Wear your favorite superhero shirt to get you ready for action.

⇒Thursday: Unleash Your Mad Hatter
Some of the most loved characters are known for their hats. With your FLIGHT group, see if you can guess them all. Put on your thinking cap; wear your favorite hat.

⇒ Friday: Unleash Your Story, Unleash Your Style
The SLMS library seeks to unleash stories to meet every student’s uniqueness. Explore the fiction genres and nonfiction categories to learn more about books that fit your interests. Today, wear clothes that show off your unique style. In other words: Unleash Your Story.

Staff Matching Game

Click the link, make a copy for your Drive, & match staff to characters.