• Work in the LMC

    Work in the LMC

    Apply today to be a student assistant in the LMC next school year!

    Only seven students from the student body are selected each year.

    Your classroom is the LMC, and you get credit toward graduation.

    Talk to a library staff member if you have questions!

  • Research Scholarship

    Research Scholarship

    2018 Senior Research Scholarship

    The LMC is accepting entries for the 2018 Senior Research Scholarship. Any senior may submit one (1) research project for consideration. Click the image to the left or link above for more information. The deadline to enter is March 1, 2018 at 2:35 PM.

  • The Evolving Library

    The Evolving Library

    The Evolving Library

    School libraries are constantly evolving to meet the needs of learners. See how we’ve changed over the last few years in this 10-minute video created at LSN by the LSR7 Library department!

  • Popcorn Fridays in the Library Media Center!

    Popcorn Fridays in the Library Media Center!

    We will be popping up some hot, fresh popcorn on SELECT Fridays when we have Bronco time.  What do you have to do to share in the popped goodness?  Check out a book, download an eBook (and show us that you did) for the weekend.  You must take the book with you in order to qualify!  Come to the LMC for something great to feed your appetite and feed your mind.

  • READ!


    Did you know young adults read more print books than any other age group? Or that young adults are the fastest growing group of readers of eBooks? It sounds contradictory, but research shows you and your peers are reading more than ever, and in any format that is convenient. The LSN LMC makes it easy to find a great book in print or online! Ask a librarian for recommendations or if you need help loading eBooks to your device.

    Find an eBook on Overdrive Find a print book in the catalog Download a digital magazine