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NY Times Learning Network

General Resources for All Content Areas

Tutor.com via MCPL (MCPL) Tutor.com provides live homework help for free when students use their MCPL #.  Here is a how-to video

Google Meet tips:

The New York Times Learning Network (Open Web) is an amazing website for teachers. It has lesson plans for ELA, Social Studies, Math and Science, ELL, and Current Events. If you are looking for high-quality writing or informative infographics that will lead to great discussions, definitely look at this website. 

PBS Learning Media (Open Web) If you are looking for high quality videos about any subject aligned by standards with lesson plans. This is it.

Complexly (Open Web/YouTube) Complexly is the production company of Crash Course and Sci Show, which you are probably familiar with; however, they have 15 plus other channels that cover art, poetry, voting, and more.

Google Arts & Culture (Open Web) Lose yourself in this immersive exploration of arts & culture. Includes VR museum tours, full collections of artist works, art that is relevant to current events, and much more. Several KC area locations are present--including The WWI Museum and The Nelson.

CK-12 (Open Ed. Resource) Free to sign up and use. Interactive lessons for all grades and most subjects. A great place to find a ready-to-go lesson, especially to introduce or practice a skill or concept.

Virtual Field Trips: During distance learning, we can't make it to school, much less a local museum. Here is a vast list of places you can send students for virtual field trips!

Audible audiobooks: Free, unlimited access to audiobooks while schools are closed. There are books in several languages and many classics.

Digital Breakout Boxes: During distance learning, these daily digital breakout games and archives are free to play. There is a new game every day at 1 PM, and each week’s schedule is posted on Sunday. Games only take 5-10 minutes, and players can win prizes like a Sphero Bolt, breakout kids, or other games. These are FREE and no registration is required (unless you win a prize, of course!)

Journeys in Film: The mission of Journeys in Film is to use the storytelling power of film to help educate our next generation with a richer understanding of the diverse and complex world in which we live.


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Resources by Content

CommonLit (Open Web/Freemium) A great place to find pieces of literature and share them with students. 

Kelly Gallagher and Penny Kittle Talks (Open Web)

Ours Poetica (YouTube) The makers of CrashCourse partner with poets to bring poetry to life. 

Pulitzer Center: (Open Web) Search resources from 150+ publications, get a pulitzer journalist to video conference with your class, and more.

MCPL Databases (MCPL) NoveList Plus,
Gale Literature Criticism, Granger’s World Poetry

Social Studies
Facing History Critical thinking about history (Open Web)

Global Goals (Open Web) Sustainable goals agreed to by (many) world leaders. 

Global Oneness (Open Web) Narrative non-fiction articles that highlight a global sense of humanity

Nat Geo MapmakerCreate maps with multiple layers using multiple sorting methods, including population, earth systems, geopolitical, and more.

Primary Sources from Gilder Lehrman (Open Web)

Stanford History Lessons  (Open Web) Includes “Read like a historian,” video lesssons, and more.

Video lectures from famous historians (Open Web)

MCPL Databases (MCPL) Culture Grams (geography), World Geography & Culture, North American Immigrant Letters, U.S. Civil War: Letters & Diaries, American Indian Correspondence, Black Thought & Culture

ACT® Review
ACT® Flash Review 

ACT® Power Practice

 ACT® Word Games

SciShow by Complexly (YouTube) Crash Course style science videos. 

Healthcare Triage by Complexly (YouTube) Videos concerning the Healthcare industry and the science behind it. 

NASA Stem resoures  (Open Web)

MCPL Databases (MCPL) Interactive: Science, Environmental Studies, Green File, Scientific American, ScienceFlix

MCPL Databases (MCPL) Homework help, Safari Technical

MCPL Databases (MCPL) Law Depot+, StatistaD&B Data, KCBJ, Safari Biz, Biz Plan, Demographics 

Industrial Tech
MCPL Databases
(MCPL) Small Engine Repairs, Gale Home Improvement

Hamilton Education Program  History, meet Lin Manuel. Mr. Miranda, history. (Open Web)

Chrome Music Lab (Open Web) Just fun

MCPL Databases (MCPL) Classical: Library, Scores, Reference, Videos, Jazz,  Global,  World Opera 

NMCA (Open Web) Lessons connecting works of art to science, ELA, social studies.

The Art Assignment(YouTube) This is a collaboration between PBS and Complexly.

National Gallery of Art (Open Web) Lesson for teachers and high-quality images.

Adult Coloring Book (Open Web)

MCPL Databases (MCPL) Gale Fine Arts 

Nebraska Dept of Ed. (Open Web) Has a ton of great websites for various areas of FACS instruction

 6 ingredient homemade sandwich bread  | Artisan Bread (Just because)

MCPL Databases (MCPL) Gale Culinary Arts, Gale Hospitality & Tourism

Modern Language 
PBS Learning resources in Spanish (Open Web)

Audible audio books: free children's and YA audio books while schools are closed. Spanish, French, German, Italian, & Japanese. Includes simple picture books, the first Harry Potter, and more for each language.

Overdrive / Sora: We have purchased a number of YA and children's books in ten languages in our eBook and Audio book library.

MCPL Databases (MCPL) Mango Languages, Press Reader, Newspaper Archive

MCPL Databases (MCPL) Sports Medicine

The New York Times Learning Network Videos

PBS Learning Media

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Google Arts and Culture

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