Request a Book

- Hybrid students, place a book on hold, receive a confirmation email, pick your books up at the front of the library. 

- R7 Online students, place a book on hold, receive a confirmation email, then call 986-3025 when you are on your way to pick up your books.

Request a Physical Book

Students and staff can request a book for pickup via the library catalog by placing a hold on the book(s) they would like to checkout.

1. Log into the catalog by clicking "log in" in the top right-hand corner and then "sign in with Google." (The catalog can be found under "Read" --> "Find a Book (Print)". 

2. You can search using a specific title or browse new books, popular titles, or specific genres.

3. The green or red banner will tell you whether or not a book is available.

4. If you would like this title, you can click the hold button.

5. We will email you to confirm your hold and let you know when and how to pick it up. 

Library entrance pick-up and return carts

book pick up cart

I Would Like the Librarian to Choose a Book for Me. 

Students can fill out this Google Form, and the Library Staff will make book recommendations based on the answers. The recommended books can then be checked out online or picked up during Wednesday Pickup. 

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