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#lswbooklove — Post 1

Hey There – Hope everyone is having a great break so far.  Chambers & I have been busy chauffeuring kids around, sitting in the sun & reading Book Love! I thought the first couple of chapters were good but got redundant (I suppose Kittle is preaching to the choir where I’m concerned). I am really enjoying the chapters with practical advice and solutions. I know I’ve already been inspired to change the way I do some things and have a few ideas I’d like to share. What about you guys?


This info has also been sent via email – So… You can either reply to all, leave a comment below, or share them on twitter using our hashtag (#lswbooklove)  if you have any initial thoughts you’d like to share.


Finally – We do have a couple of questions for all of you:

1. Are you on twitter? If yes, what is your handle? My is @Amy_Taylor_71 and Megan’s is @mchambers31

2. Are you going to be able to make it to our June 10th meeting? (See your email for exact time & location.)

Happy Reading & hope to see you on June 10th.


Taylor 🙂

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